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J-Link ARM Pro is a refined version of the regular J-Link. It has an Ethernet interface in addition to the USB interface, as well as two additional LEDs which are used as hardware status indicators. It connects via Ethernet or USB to the Windows (2000/XP/Vista) PC host. J-Link ARM Pro is fully compatible with J-Link ARM and can be used "out-of-the-box". J-Link ARM Pro uses DHCP per default. The built-in webserver makes manual configuration easy and convenient. Ethernet allows using the emulator far away from the PC in a development or production environment; download and debugging speed is higher and Ethernet provides electrical isolation from the PC.


Fully compatible to J-Link ARM
Ethernet interface
USB 2.0 interface
Any ARM®7/9/11, Cortex™-M3 core supported, including thumb mode
More memory for future firmware extensions (ARM11, X-Scale, Cortex R4, Cortex A8)
Additional LEDs for power and RESET indication
Comes with web interface for easy TCP/IP configuration (built-in webserver)
Built-in GDB Server (planned to be implemented in the near future)
Serial Wire Debug (SWD) supported
Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) supported
Maximum JTAG speed 12 MHz
Download speed up to 720 Kbytes/second * (higher download speeds will be available in the near future)
DCC speed up to 800 Kbytes/second *
Seamless integration into the IAR Embedded Workbench® IDE
Powered through USB or power supply which comes with J-Link ARM Pro
Support for adaptive clocking
All JTAG signals can be monitored, target voltage can be measured
Support for multiple devices
Fully plug and play compatible
Standard 20-pin JTAG connector
Wide target voltage range: 1.2V - 3.3V, 5V tolerant
USB and 20-pin ribbon cable included
Memory viewer (J-Mem) included
Comes with licenses for: J-Link ARM RDI, J-Link ARM FlashBP, J-Link ARM FlashDL, J-Link ARM GDB Server, J-Flash ARM
Software Developer Kit (SDK) available
Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) support
Adapter for 5V JTAG targets available
14-pin JTAG adapter available
Galvanic isolation from host system via Ethernet
Optical isolation adapter available
Target power supply: J-Link can supply up to 300 mA to target with overload protection.

* = Measured with J-Link ARM Pro Rev. 1, ARM7 @ 50 MHz, 12MHz JTAG speed.



[embOS] Support for Renesas V850E2-MN4 added
V850E2_MN4 supported. New embOS sources V3.84a

[embOS] embOS for NIOS now supports the vectored interrupt controller
The new version 3.84 of embOS for NIOS2 and NIOS software build tools can be used for NIOS2 CPUs with VIC.

[J-Link] Flash programming support for Samsung S3FN41F devices added.
DLL/J-Flash: Flash programming support for Samsung S3FN41F devices added. J-Flash: Support for chip erase command for Samsung S3FN21x and S3FN41F devices added.

[emFile] New emFile version available (v3.26b).
This update includes the new universal NAND driver and a new NOR driver with reduced RAM usage.

[embOS] New embOS release of embOS Cortex M IAR with Cortex M4F support.
Segger embOS Cortex M IAR V3.84.1 supports Cortex M4F with floating point unit and includes new start projects for STM32F40G-Eval, STM32F4-Discovery and many other evalboards. For additional information please follow the link to the port page.

[embOS] embOS CM3 Atollic V3.84 is compatible with Atollic TrueStudio for ARM 2.2.0
SEGGER embOS for Cortex M3 and Atollic is fully tested with Atollic TrueStudio for ARM 2.2.0

[embOS] New embOS Cortex M IAR V3.84 Release including Cortex-M4F FPU support and new BSPs
embOS supports Cortex M4F with Floating Point Unit now. Additionally BSPs have been added for the following eval-boards: Energy Micro EFM32-GG990-DK Emdedded Artists NXP LPC1788 Future Designs NXP LPC1788 uEZGUI IAR NXP LPC1788-SK IAR ST STM32F207_IAR_SK ST STM32F457IG-Eval ST STM32F457IG-Discovery

[J-Link] IDE integration with Atollic has been tested
For a detailed instruction how to set up Atollic for use with J-Link, please look at:

[emUSB Host] Complete eval-package for Renesas RX62N RDK includes emUSB-Host now
SEGGER Eval Software for Renesas RX62N RDK includes emUSB-Host now. Please see Evaluation Board description

[J-Link] Flash programming support for STM32F4xxx series added.
J-Link DLL and J-Flash now support the Cortex-M4 from STMicroelectronics STM32F4xxx series

[embOS] embOS AVR IAR now supports the ATXMega
Please refer to the embOS Port Page for ATMega CPUs.

[emFile] New universal NAND flash driver allows multi-bit error correction
The universal NAND driver supports NAND flash memories with page sizes greater than 2048 bytes. For added flexibility error correction can be performed within the application or the hardware.

[J-Link] J-Flash multi-bank support added (v4.35g)
Multi-Bank support allows programming of different flash memories in one step. Therefore only one project is needed to program the MCU's flash and external memory like a NOR flash memory.

[J-Link] Coming soon: J-Link support for TI OMAP4430 (J-Link software v4.35g)
The TI OMAP4430 needs its own script-file for JTAG-ICEPick setup and core-selection. The script-file will be included with J-Link Software version v4.35g

[General] Full evaluation version available for LPC 1788
Evaluation version includes embOS, embOS/IP with Webserver and FTP Server and SMTP Client, emWin, emFile with RAMDisk and MMC/SD, emUSB-Device with Bulk, HID, MSD, CDC and emUSB-Host. See Evaluation Board description

[J-Link] Flash programming support for Fujitsu devices added
- DLL/J-Flash: Flash programming support for Fujitsu MB9AF111, MB9AF112, MB9AF114, MB9AF115, MB9AF116 added
- DLL/J-Flash: Flash programming support for Fujitsu MB9AF311, MB9AF312, MB9AF314, MB9AF315, MB9AF316 added

[J-Link] J-Link GDB-server now free
For more information see the press release for the GDB-server under News

[embOS] New embOS board support packages for Renesas RX210, RX63N and RX630-based eval-boards
We have added board support packages for RPBRX210, RSKRX210, RSKRX630 and YRDKRX63N to our embOS RX ports. For further information see the product pages:

[J-Link] J-Link Software supports flash-programming for ON Semi devices and Toshiba TMPM366 devices (beta-version 4.35c)
- DLL/J-Flash: Flash programming support for ON Semi Q32M210 devices added
- DLL/J-Flash: Flash programming support for Toshiba TMPM366FDXBG TMPM366FWXBG, TMPM366FYXBG

[J-Link] Flash programming support for TI TMS570-devices added (software version v4.34c)
DLL/J-Flash: Flash programming support added for TMS570LS101xx series, TMS570LS102xx series, TMS570LS202xx series, TMS570LS212x series, TMS570LS213x series and TMS570LS313x series

[emUSB Host] emUSB-Host supports FTDI FT232-series serial to USB-converters

[General] Coming up soon: Full middleware support for Renesas V850E2M/MN4 core
The middleware support includes embOS, emFile, embOS/IP, emUSB-Device, emUSB-Host and emWin.

[J-Link] J-Link support for TI RM48x and TMS570LS31x/21x is ready
TI RM48L5x, TI RM48L7x, TI RM48L9x and TMS570LS31x/21x are supported by J-Link including flash programming and flash breakpoints.

[emWin] GUIBuilder for emWin is available
For more information see the press release for the GUIBuilder under News

[J-Link] Improved support for ARM11 speeds up communication and download
Added full intelligence for ARM11 cores to the firmware.

[emLoad] emLoad enables firmware updates via USB memory stick
Using emUSB-Host and the MSD class, emLoad can now be used to update the firmware simply by plugging a USB-stick into the device and resetting it.

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