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わ・だ・よ ねっと オンラインショップ CO2削減 E・COOL プロポリス


   RONETIX社 JTAGプロダクト  

High Speed JTAG/BDM Emulator
Flash Programmer
JTAG/BDM Programmer for on-board and on-chip Flash devices
CPU Modules
Time and Cost effective solutions
All ARM7/9 and XScale based MCUs
ARM11 based MCUs
ARM Cortex-M0/M3/M4/A8/A9
Power PC MPC5200
PowerPC MPC55xx, Nexus Class I
PowerPC MPC83xx, Power QuickII
PowerPC MPC8500, P4080
PowerPC PPC405
ColdFire MCF52xx,MCF53xx,MCF54xx
Analog Device Blackfin BF5xx, BF532, BF533, BF537
Multi Core support - up to 4 cores
Built in support for GNU gdb/insight
Target Flash Memory programming
Standalone Flash Programmer
10/100Base Ethernet interface
Linux Kernel debugging with MMU
uClinux support
Full access to all CP15 registers
Works in Standalone mode: the file
  images are stored on a MMC/SD card
Automatically starts programming
Supports all ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-M3, Cortex-A8, XScale based MCUs as well as
  AT91SAM7, LPC2000, MAC7100, STR7, STR9 and TMS470, MPC55xx, MCF5282, TMS320DM6446, TMS320DM355, iMX31, i.MX35, STM32 , LM3S
Supports Nexus enabled PowerPC
MPC5500, MPC55XX
Supports CodFire MCF52xx
Supports Blackfin BF5xx, BF533, BF537
Supports MIPS32, PIC32, AVR32UC3
Atmel AT45DB SPI DataFlash
NAND and OneNAND Flash programming
NAND Flash JFFS2, YAFFS2 support
Small, robust aluminium case
CPU Module with AT91SAM9261
CPU Module with AT91SAM9263
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02-02-2012 Firmware release:
- Added Freescale P4080 support
- Fixed AT91SAM3U programming support
-Fixed MIPS32 gdb remote registers frame
- FTP/HTTP downloading: hostname or IP can be used(added DNS support)
- Added possibility to work with variable number of targets detected on connect, no need to correct CFG fileanymore
- Added Freescale P1020 support
- Added Freescale P1010 NAND FLASH support
- Allowed excuting of scripts without target power
- Dual core CPUs do not require multi core license
- Optimized Serial over DCC performance for ARM11
- Added support for TI C6 Integra Cortex-A8 devices
- Added TI STM32F 2XX FLASH programming support
- Added virtual serial channels over JTAG to ARM11 targets
- Added GDB remote FLASH programming support
- Added TI OMAP4 NAND FLASH programming support
- Added Micron NAND FLASH On-Die ECC support
- Added TI OMAP4 SMP debugging support
- Added Freescale MPC5644A Debugging support
- Added Freescale MPC6544S Debuggong support
- Added Freescale i.MX23 NAND programming support
- Added support for SPI Flash devices: MX25U4035, MX25U8035
- Added Cortex-A9 dual core SMP debugging support
- Added support for up to eight virtual tty channels over JTAG, forwarded to eight PEEDI TCP ports
-  MPC8500: Fixed MMU translation
- Fixed P2020 cache handling
- Added P1020 JTAG ID and another MPC8315 JTAG ID
- Fixed Linux debugging for P1020/P2020 CPUs
- Added Freescale P1011 debug and FLASH programming support
- Added Freescale MPC5644A programming support
- OS Thread Awareness support: BASE value got from gdb by symbol name
- Added Freescale MPC8347 support
- Fixed "junk received"
- i.MX51: Added 4KB NAND page support
- Added OS thread awareness support for ARM11 targets
- Added support to SPI MX25U6435E FLASH chip
- Added SST25VF064 SPI FLASH support
- Optimized CFI support
- Added NOR buffer programming for non STRATA chips
- Added support for Freescale i.MX50 devices
- Added erasing of secured Freescale Cortex-M4 Kinetis devices 
23-02-2011 Firmware release:
- Added NOR FLASH CFI support
- Added support for FLASH chip size over 2GB
- Added iMX53 NAND FLASH programming support
- Added Freescale MPC5125 NAND programming support
- Added TI OMAP4 Cortex-A9 support
- Added programming od FPGA/CPLD devices using a JBC Player
- Added FLASH programming support for Energy Micro EFM32 devices
- Added Freesacle Kinetis Cortex-M4 FLASH programming support
- Added Freescale Coldfire OS awareness support
- Added support for SPI EEPROM programming
- Added support for programming SPI FLASH/EEPROM chips on Digi NS92XX devices
- Added support for TI OMAP L138 NAND programming
- Added support for Atmel AT91SAM3 FLASH programming
- Added ARM Cortex M0 JTAG/SWD debugging support
- Added NXP LPC1XXX Cortex-M0/M3 FALSH programming support
- Added Analog ADuC7034 FLASH programming support
- Added Actel A2F200 and A2F500 internal FLASH programming support
- Added iMX233 SPI25 programming support
- Added support for Freescale MC1322X FLASH programming
- Added support for Freescale MPC8308
- Added Freescale MPC8572 dual core CPU support
- Added Freescale MPC8572 NAND support
- Added Freescale MPC8313 HW ECC NAND support
- Added support for Cortex-A8 based Samsung S5PC100 CPU
- Added Samsung S5PC100 NAND support
- Added MPC5121 support
- Added MPC5121 NAND support
- Added support for MPC512X NAND Flash Controller
- Added support for the MIPS based RealTek RTL81XX chips (LEXRA core)
- Added NAND FLASH support on PXA320
23-03-2010 Firmware release:
- Added MPC8500 support
- Added MPC8315 core
- PPC405 and MPC5500: Corrected disabling interrupts during single step
- MPC8300: Corrected disabling interrupts during single step
- MPC8300: Corrected MMU translate
- ARM7/9: user message syntax error corrected
- Fixed sending halted message to gdb
- mx31_qong.cfg: Added 7.5ns delay between CE and WE for NOR FLASH
- edb9307.cfg: new cfg file added
- at91sam9g45:pm9G45: new cfg file added
08-07-2009 Firmware release:
- Added a common OS awareness support ("info threads" for Linux, eCos and others)
- Added support for STRATA Flash with write buffer 512 bytes
12-06-2009 Firmware release:
- Added Freescale PowerPC MPC5200 support
- Added Atmel AVR32 support
- Added Cortex-M3 SWD support
- Added LPC2917 support
- Added reset detect command
- Fixed Blackfin Multicore support
- New version system (9.6.54 means: year 2009, month 06, unique build number 54)
17-02-2009 Firmware release:
- Added MIPS32 support
- Added PIC32 support
- Added DCC support for XScale (allows to have a U-BOOT or Linux console without a serial port)
09-12-2008 Firmware release:
- Added Cortex-A8 support (OMAP3, OMAP35xx)
- Added Freescale PowerPC MPC5510 support
- Added Freescale PowerPC MPC8321/3 support
22-08-2008 Firmware release:
- Added unique serial number support in FLASH programmer
- Added EON EN29LV320 into the PEEDI FLASH database
- Corrected FLASH ID get sequence
- Fixed NAND bad block handling on iMX31 devices
- Improved MMC/SD card support (now supports 1GB, 2GB and 4GB cards)
10-07-2008 Firmware release:
- Added Cortex-M3 support
- Added ST STM32 FLASH support
- Added PXA320 support
- Added new GDB registers frame support for MPC5500 targets
- Fixed MPC5500 watchpoint support
- Fixed NAND FLASH verify
- Made DBGREQ_OUTPUT available for all JTAG targets
- Licenses can be loaded from an external file
- Added AT91SAM7 "flash this secure" command
27-05-2008 Firmware release:
- Added PowerQUICC II Pro MPC83XX support
- Added Freescale MPC8313 NAND FLASH support
- Added Intel P33 FLASH support
- Added beep CLI command
- Improved TFTP support - download of files bigger than 32MB
- Fixed wait command on target disconnect
- Fixed BFIN connect procedure
- Fixed closing of remote GDB connection
- Fixed watchpoint count handling on most targets
- Made COREn_MEMMAP available for Blackfin
20-03-2008 Firmware release:
- Added NXP LPC2000 SPI FLASH support
- Added TI TMS470R1VF688 and TMS470R1VF689 FLASH support
- Added periodic TI TMS470 AWD kick
- Added TI OMAP CPU support
25-01-2008 Firmware release:
- Reworked "reset" CLI command to allow different reset types without changing the configuration file
10-01-08 Firmware release:
- Added ARM11 support
- Added Freescale iMX31 NAND Flash hardware ECC generation
28-11-07 Firmware release:
- reworked Blackfin connect procedure
- added support for BF561
- corrected small bug in ADP debug protocol
23-10-07 Linux patch release:
- Linux patch for kernel released
04-10-07 Firmware release:
- Added TI DaVinci DM644x support
- Added automatic generation of NAND Flash UBL descriptors for DaVinci DM644x
- Updated AT91SAM7 Flash Programmer
10-09-07 Firmware release:
- Added JTAG_TDO_DELAY CFG parameter
- Added Analog Devices Blackfin NAND FLASH programming support
- Added Atmel AT91SAM9263 DataFlash programming support
- Added Freescale MCF5272 BDM support
28-06-07 Firmware release:
- Added Analog Devices Blackfin debug support
- Added Analog Devices Blackfin FLASH programming support
- Added Blackfin virtual memory support
- Added memory and/or commands
- Added flash multi verify and flash multi blank commands
02-04-07 Firmware release:
- Added Freescale ColdFire debug support
- Added Freescale ColdFire Flash Programming support
- Added CLI over RS232
6-11-06 Firmware release:
- Added Freescale Nexus enabled MPC5500, MPC55XX debug support
- Added Freescale MPC5500, MPC55XX Flash programming support
- Added NAND Flash JFFS2 support
29-08-06 Firmware release:
- Added NAND FLASH support
- Optimized connecting to XSCALE CPUs
- Added ALLOW_ZERO_KEYS parameter in TMS470 family FLASH section
- Added COREn_PATH (default path per core) configuration parameter in TARGET section
- Added COREn_FILE (default file per core) configuration parameter in TARGET section
- Changed file path convention
- FILE_XXXX parameters replaced by single FILE parameter in FLASH sections
- Added memory verify command
- Added flash dump command
- Added clock command
- Added execution of the scripts defined in target configuration file from CLI
- Added support of using expression instead of a value in the commands
02-07-06 Firmware release:
- Added Atmel DataFlash support
- Added TI TMS470 series microcontroller support
- Added uClinux debugging support
- Added DCC over TCP support
- Added memory multi load command
- Improved XScale exception vectors handling
19-03-06 Firmware release:
- corrected a minor bug (MAC7100 ); removed parameter STARTUP_TIME
- complemented target connect procedure
11-03-06 Firmware release:
- added MAC7100 support;
- added Dualcore support;
- added parameter WAKEUP_TIME in cfg file;
- reworked target connect procedure
26-02-06 Firmware release:
- complemented Multi-Core support
- corrected a bug in debugging ABORT state

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