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ZY1000 ARM JTAG 低価格
Zylin社製 ZY1000 JTAG Debugger      定価 \128,000

The ZY1000 is an easy to use stand-alone JTAG Debugger and flash programmer. It communicates with your computer over TCP/IP. This enables the ZY1000 to be used with any operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris and others. The flash programming capability requires only a web browser, whereas for debugging only GDB is required on the host operating system.

The ZY1000 supports the ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, XScale and Cortex M3 line of processors. Support for all the processors is included in the ZY1000 at no extra cost.

It's web GUI covers tasks such as flash programming, production, testing, diagnosis and hardware development/debugging.

ZY1000 ARM JTAG 低価格 
ZY1000 Start web page with status summary.

The hardware developer, tester or production team members will be able to upload new firmware as quickly and easily as the software developers and the software developer will no longer have to develop special procedures for the rest of the team.

The ZY1000 comes with support for a wide range of flash devices, including CFI flashes. With a few lines of code you can add your own flash driver should a driver for your flash device not be included.

In order get you quickly up and running with the ZY1000 and debugging your target, the ZY1000 includes configuration scripts for a wide range of target boards. These scripts are made for setting up the complete board... not just the CPU.

The ZY1000 has 3 different modes of operation that can be combined as needed. Setup of both the target and the ZY1000 is done using the easy to use web interface. The web interface can also be used for common tasks like resetting the CPU, programming the flash, or browsing/editing the target memory. If you prefer to use a command line interpreter, you can connect to the telnet server.

Software developers can use the GDB-server for a full feature debugger with all the features available in a modern debugger. This means integration into your design environment, like Eclipse or Insight, and the ability to set hardware and software breakpoints, single-step, and browse variables, memory and CPU registers.

With a JTAG speed of up to 32 MHz, and upload speeds (GDB load) over 400 kBytes/s, the ZY1000 is fast for both flash programming and debugging. With the image already uploaded to the ZY1000, target programming reaches 1.1mBytes/s @ 16MHz. The actual performance depends on the target.

Equally important as throughput/bandwidth is GDB single stepping performance. The ZY1000 has been designed to maximize the GDB single stepping performance by reducing the latency of smaller requests. GDB will issue a number of small requests during single stepping to fetch various information such as registers, local variables, etc.

There is no hassle involved with starting to use the ZY1000. Just power up, set the IP address of the ZY1000, and you are ready to connect it to your target!



AT91CAP Microcontrollers
MCB1700 Evaluation Board
Olimex LPC-2148


Release history

Version Date Description
1.66 revb
1.66 revc
Bugfix arm920t breakpoints
OpenOCD 0.4.0
1.65 revb  
1.65 revc
Improved ARM11 support
Obsolete commands removed
Various bug fixes
OpenOCD 0.4 rc2
1.54 2009/07/14
ARM926EJS reset problems resolved
Various bug fixes
OpenOCD 0.2
1.51 2009/04/30
First version released on support pages
ARM11 single step
   Known issues
ARM11 single step requires hardware support
Problems with stuck web pages with FireFox network.http.pipelining=true under Linux.
1.42 2008/08/14 Old version



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